July 30 : Down Landes

A driving day. A day to get from one place to another. A day on the road.

We’re travelling through the region of Landes. It’s flat. It’s one large forest, a man made forest of maritime pines that was planted 150 years ago for lumber and to stablize the soil. It was treeless before but now the pines have taken over. 

It’s also all beach. Literally an unbroken, 100-mile stretch of sand that does not end until Spain. There’s an odd thing with France. The road does not run along the coast. There are several roads to the beach but once there, they end. Maybe it’s only odd because we don’t do the same thing here.

There isn’t much between places out here. Only a few little villages here and there. 

Our place for the next two nights in Bayonne.