August 8 : The End of the World

Finisterre. It means the end of the world. That’s what the Romans called it. Out beyond that horizon set upon the sea was the riddle of the void. Poeple have been coming here for years. Some to see the place where known land came to an end. Some came to find God. Maybe some were just following the sun. I brought you here in a dream on an imaginary trip in an imaginary car named Andre.

No doubt, I have enjoyed this immensely. This has not been a completely selfless act. I’ve enjoyed the research, the drawing, crawling across maps and reading about such extraordinary places. But, my love, my buttercup, this is for you.

We can’t go far these days. I’m bound indoors at most times and I can’t fly. I’ve felt like a broken toy for twenty years. And money…well, it ebbs and flows like the tides. But I have things I can give to you. I have a boundless imagination. I have worlds of wonder within me. I have a pencil. I have buckets of words. And I have an undying, undefeatable love for you that drives me. All these things I can give and all these things I have used to craft this gift. I hope it has created at least a little more light in each of your days.

Happy anniversary, Erin. This is my gift to you. I love you.