July 23 : Stone Men, Bad Saints and the End of France

Today is a travel day. We’re moving from one grand place to another with a few stops in between. We wake early because we’ll be on the road awhile. Let’s go!

Les Roches Sculptées

At age 30, Abbe Foure suffered a stroke which left him without hearing and speech, and completely paralyzed one side of his body. After this episode, Foure decided to retreat to a “life as a hermit” in the cliffs of Rotheneuf, and beginning in 1870, began carving hundreds of fascinating, grotesque, and bizarre shapes, faces, and figures into the rock. With the help of an elderly man, Foure spent 25 years carving the granite rocks of the Brittany shoreline at Rotheneuf. The carvings (there are over 300 pieces) were mostly inspired by old tales of a local pirate clan, and depict legendary pirate adventurers, fisherman, smugglers, and monsters and allegorical scenes.


Bad saint (“Malo”)? Nah, named for a Scotsman named Maclou. Just driving through – too pretty to skip.


Medieval walled city with architecture so old, that it was built before America was a thing. It’s Disneyland but real. We’ll eat lunch here, if we can close our mouths long enough to chew. After lunch, we’ll poke around a bit.


The Open House at the Château

Even in France, we get to indulge in a favorite, personal pastime…gawking at open houses. This beauty is in Guingamp and can be had for a mere $677,000. You think it comes with an in-law unit?



Yet another beautiful town in Brittany. I can’t get over how beautiful Brittany is. It’s just so damn adorable. Dinner then more walking. 

Ploumoguer – or Otherwise Known as the End of France.

This is where we stay tonight. Thanks, AirBnB!

Good night, dear…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.