July 24 : Finistère (Land's End)

We’ve reached as far west as we can go. Any further and we drive into the sea. But I want to see more of the coast today. Let’s hug the ocean as much as possible. It’s a short hop down the coast into Brest.


The French like their bridges. Next up is the Crozon Peninsula. It starts to get a little more wild, a little less civilized, a little more maritime.  


Yeeeeaaahhhhhhhh….uhhhhhhh, we’re gonna need to stop for a bit. This right here is all for me. However, feel free to sit on the beach and admire me from afar. See how my muscles ripple! See how smooth my flow is. Don’t you just adore me? After a few waves, we’ll take the short drive into Quimper for a late lunch.

After Quimper, we’re going to jog back to the coast through Pont L’Abbe.

Finally, to end the day, we’ll direct Andre back toward the sea. We’ll find a spot overlooking Pointe de la Torche, walk a few yards to the cafe, drink a glass of wine or two, bother the natives for some Edith Piaf or Pierre Delanoë, and walk back to Andre. We’ll pop open the back to watch the sun set. We’ll cuddle and bunch up in ratty sleeping bags and wool blankets. We’ll feel the cool velvet of the fog as it rolls up the beach, across the warm rocks and dunes, through the reed grass and nuzzles itself under our noses. We’ll read and be lazy for the whole evening. We’ll listen to the small waves crash soft upon the sand. And then we’ll fall to sleep when we just can’t stand it anymore.