Project Details

  • Client: Pivotal
  • Type: Illustration
  • Completion Date: August 2017

Project Description

Pivotal is a large company with offices around the globe. The Pivotal Cities Series allowed each city to add some of their own local flavor to the corporate brand.

Although the essential style was already determined by brand guidelines, I was tasked with creating the visual for each local office. Some offices had requests to include specific landmarks, but with each city research would need to completed to make sure the local flair was appropriately represented. After research and requests were considered, drawings would be used to determine final composition. Illustrations were completed in Adobe Illustrator.

Once done, the designs were printed on shirts, decals and other swag.

About the Client

Pivotal Software, Inc. is a software and services company.

Atlanta Final
Washington DC Sketch
Washington DC Final
Dallas Sketch
Dallas Final
Los Angeles Sketch
Los Angeles Final
Sydney Sketch
Sydney Final
Singapore Sketch
Singapore Final