Project Details

  • Client: FogLogic
  • Type: Website
  • Completion Date: March 2018
  • Link: website is offline

Project Description

The biggest challenge startups face is budget. There are plenty of marketing needs and goals but usually a very limited budget to make it happen. 

Fortunately, this is one of the great strengths of WordPress. The huge community and mature marketplace of themes, plugins and other tools means there are a lot of pre-built, ready-to-go parts that can be bolted into place. With WordPress, you can have a great looking website without breaking budgets.

I worked with FogLogic to find the right theme and the right tools that would get them close to their ideal without a lot of work. With some minor modifications to the theme and some tweaks here and there, we had a good base for a full website.

In addition to laying the groundwork, I completed layout for each page and created plenty of new graphic elements like illustrations, charts, icons and more.

About the Client

FogLogic helps enterprises leverage the power of data science to always run their business applications in a “Known Good State.”