Project Details

  • Client: Vendisys
  • Type: Website
  • Completion Date: December 2016
  • Link: recently redesigned

Project Description

Vendisys had a very old and outdated website. The look and feel didn’t match dynamic nature of their business – AI for qualifying sales leads – and the technology didn’t allow for rapid and iterative content production. 

It was obvious that WordPress was an absolute necessity for them. WordPress empowered their marketers to make change to company content at will and without waiting for a developer to assist.

Design was a different challenge. They possessed a logo that was beloved by all in the company but was rendered using Verdana, a quite common and unextraordinary font that does not signal progress and technology. Instead of avoiding the challenge of this font, I embraced it full-heartedly for the design – it’s 100% Verdana but with added font weights and surrounded by a fresh contemporary design that communicates their core value – marketing is their business but technology is their passion.

About the Client

Vendisys is dedicated to delivering innovative sales systems that help our customers meet or beat their goals.